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Ideas to make your interior look expensive

How to make interior look rich, expensive and luxurious
Whether you design your interior or just decorate it you probably want to give your space a hint of luxurious look.
Here are the ideas to make your interior look expensive
  1. Invest in real art
Art is always a good investment in your interior design. In order to create expensive interior design look invest only in real paintings or other art, except the case if it is the original idea. We do not recommend using copies or reproductions of famous art but instead it is better to get some original art of new talents. You can buy them at a good price if you visit some affordable art affairs or local galleries.

2. Get oversized art pieces
A large-scale piece of art will definitely grab the attention of your visitors. Choose large art pieces also if you want your space to look bigger as an extra benefit. The art should be personal, so do not try to copy ideas which you see everywhere but choose the one which makes you happy.

Check out second hand shops and art sales for art pieces with a history. If you’re on a budget, you can also get creative and do it yourself. Just visit the art masterclass in your city or get a giant canvas from an art supply store and the medium of your preference.

3. Mix up different textures
To make your interior look sophisticated and not boring mix and match different textures of materials. Designers recommend to add a variety of wood, glass, metal, and woven materials to create a luxurious and sophisticated look of your interior, like mixing a wool sofa, leather poof and wooden floor.
Investing in design furniture will make your interior look finished and subtle
4. Add round and curve form elements into your space
There is a big chance that the room where all the lines are straight and clean will look flat and boring. To add some depth and sophisticated feel to your room it’s important to use a variety of shapes. If your goal is to make the room look more expensive we recommend to add curvy or round formed items. Those items can be anything: accessories, mirrors, lamps, furniture and many more.
5. Go for customised curtains and window treatments
Custom made luxurious curtains that fit a space perfectly will make a room look bespoke and expensive. Custom window treatments are usually not cheap, but, if you’re interested in making an investment in your room, this is a good way to do it. If you are on budget, you can still order the curtains of your size in a budget decoration shop or a department of construction market in your area.
6. Add fresh flowers and plants
Flowers and plants in your room can instantly lift the mood of a room; the bigger the bouquet or a plant, the more luxurious the look. Your room will benefit if the bouquets and plants you display are not sparse, but rather full and lush. A big size bouquet of flowers on a coffee or dining table adds instant class.
7. Install dimmer switches
A good quality warm light with the possibility to change the brightness will give any room a luxurious look. To achieve this we recommend to use dim lighting. It might be more expensive than normal switches but it will definitely bring you the benefits and you will not regret.
8. Add metallic elements
A few metallic items help to add expensive look to any room. Experiment with colors and choose from gold, rose, black or silver. However, it’s really important not to overdo it. A metal table, a lamp, few pieces of vintage silver – these are all things you need to make your room look more expensive. It’s fine here to think small. You need just few hints of metal to achieve make your interior look rich and expensive.
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