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The newest interior color trends for 2021 - 2022

Are you redecorating your room and looking for the most stylish color? Would you like to know the color of the year in 2021 and what is the color trend in 2022?
Check out this article below for color references and swatches from the well known producers, such as Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, Sikkens, Flexa etc.
Here you will get information about the latest trends in interior design colors for 2021 and 2022. You will also see the possible combinations and ideas how to use those most trendy colors together.

It's good to know that color trends are driven by psychological and emotional state of the people at the certain point of time. The color trends in 2021 as well as 2022 are inspired by several tendencies.

One trend is a variety of color and color blocking which is driven by upcoming and so much awated end of Covid pandemy, when all people want to enjoy life.

Another tendency is earth colors and their combinations, mainly driven by the ecological and sustainability problems, as well as urbanization, increasing time spent in nature and also at home during the last year because of Covid self isolation.

The final third trend is related to warm neutrals which can be combined with earth colors or cold shades of blue, black and grey symbolizing a zero level and the new beginning after Covid pandemy.

In 2022 the new trend is becoming Zience which is a combination of Zen and Science as a response to almost 2 years of Covid pandemy. People have too much time at home meditating and trying to connect to themselves.

That's why there is a clear drift away from chromatics but the presence of lot of neutrals. In 2022 warm and light oranges are in trend, lots of very blue shades and their combinations with shades of green. The direction of shades of all trend colors are very natural and neutral shades.

These are 6 newest color trends and color combinations in 2021 and 2022 for your interior

1.Color blocking

The big trend in 2021 is related to all the coming problems of the environment, eco-system and sustainability. During so many issues people want to see that everything is fine and feel happy. As we know the many colors combined together gives us a feeling of happiness. That's why a color blocking becoming a big trend in 2021.

Color blocking is all about fusing opposite colors and pairing them, thus creating new unexpected, interesting combinations. Many, credit color blocking to the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, who created compositions with square blocks of the primary colors, in juxtaposition to white blocks, separated by flat black lines.

2.Green grey colors

One of the most popular color shade is a green grey with hints of blue. Since we now spend a lot of time at home it is very important to make your home nice and cozy. This shade makes you feel cozy and relaxed. It can be used in any area at your home.

As it is a cool color it is really nice to combine it with warm colors of different textures, such as natural wood, linen fabrics, jute, gold etc.

You can use this color as an accent wall, for your kitchen furniture or kitchen island, shelves or cabinets.

The best colors we like are: Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal, Sikkens Green grey, Sikkens Tranquil Dawn, Farrow & Ball Blue Gray No.91, Farrow & Ball French Gray No.18, Farrow & Ball Mizzle No.266.

3.Illuminating yellow and ultimate grey from Pantone

Those 2 colors are chosen as colors of the year 2021 by Pantone. This selection is based on analysing trends, human behaviour

Yellow is the color of happiness, optimism, creativity and positivity. This color is one of the brightest colors in the whole spectrum.

Those colors can be used both separately and together.

A composition of those two colors together creates interesting composition. Grey can be used as a basis but yellow should be used carefully in appropriate doses to make accents.

You can use a grey color in combination with yellow metal details, such as lamp, side table or decoration elements.

You can also use yellow in a textile such as pillows, an eye catching accent chair, kitchen stoels etc.

4.Olive color shades

Another popular tendency in 2021 are the earth colors which are olives and browns. Olive color is very relaxing and pleasant.

You can use it for your bedroom, living room or kitchen. It is good to combine them with wood and cool colors to make your space light and elegant.

There is a nice combination of olive and light grey or light wood.

5.Brown bronze color shades

Brown bronze color shades are supported by the same tendency of the earth colors.
This color is very personal, relaxing and cozy. It may add a coziness to atmosphere of any room in your house. It can be a perfect color for the accent wall.

Pay attention to the light in your room when deciding to use this color. Those color shade match perfectly with neutrals, such as whites, mat grey and wood.

6.Neutral warm tones

Warm neutrals are a perfect colors to use in combination with earth colors or separately.

For the warm neutrals we recommentd to use Flexa Brave ground, Flexa Steady Pebble, Perky Limestone, Worthy Clay.
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